PRO-NUTRO PROTEIN by Systemic Formulas

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PRO provides essential amino acids and peptide chains commonly deficient in today’s average diet; it enhances and completes the dietary proteins thereby allowing the body to assimilate up to three times more protein by completing amino acid chains for greater ease of absorption. Additionally, it supports the lymphatic nucleoprotein pool which supports overall healthy body functions.

Throughout the history of nutrition, there’s been a focus on “managing proteins” because they are necessary for immunity and cell repair. While it’s not necessary to eat all 20 amino acids, or all 9 essential amino acids in one meal because the body will complete the weak links, doing so does help conserve the valuable nucleo-protein (small chain) amino acids to have a complete array of amino acids in a protein meal. Oftentimes a meal can be lacking an essential amino acid, e.g. pea soup lacks methionine. Thus supplementation can help complete the protein structures for overall nutrition enhancement.

RECOMMENDED USAGE: 1-3 capsules, up to twice per day, or as directed

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