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SpectraTwo is one-half of the duo, SpectraOne-SpectraTwo, and is a very comprehensive, plant-sourced, nutritional oil supplement due to the select blend and inclusion of rare Omega fatty acids that present the body with a wide array of fatty acids for cellular, molecular use. A daily maintenance, cellular food supplement. SpectraOne and SpectraTwo are actually one complete cellular food formula in two formulas with the water soluble nutrients in SpectraOne and the oil-soluble nutrients in SpectraTwo.

As Science delves deeper into the heart of the cell, nutritionists are clarifying the need for whole complex nutrients as they are found in Nature. Recent research stresses the importance of fatty acids in human health, particularly regarding normal heart/cardiovascular, brain, immunological, thyroid, liver, and intestinal health. As our culture comes out of the errant “fat phobic” dietary orientation, supplementation with whole, varied fatty acids provides a way to help the body overcome the deficits of “low fat” diets and modern food processing.

RECOMMENDED USAGE: 2 droppers (accompanies SpectraOne capsules) 1-2 times daily, with food.

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