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SpectraOne is the first 100% certified organic, plant-based, full-spectrum (synergists included) Multi Vitamin/Mineral supplement. As a cellular healing formula SpectraOne delivers the purest forms of whole food nutrients. This unique formulation supports cellular health by providing maximum bio-availability. The nutrients are extracted from the plants: Guava,Lemon, Amla, Sesbania, Holy Basil, and Annatto. The Vitamin B12 is synthesized by bacteria—just like probiotics do in the human G.I. Tract. SpectraOne is half of the complete Spectra duo with SpectraOne providing the water-soluble nutrients andSpectraTwo delivering the fat-soluble vitamins. Together SpectraOne and SpectraTwo provide a complete array of cellularfood for optimal cellular performance.

Whole foods are the basis of human nutrition for thousands of years. Their nutrients are accompanied by purposeful, complex molecular compounds. Whole food vitamins are biological complexes that interact with the human biological terrain and provide exactly what the body’s cells require.

• Supplement with whole-complex nutrients • Prenatal nutrition support • Athletic performance and recovery • Cellular nutrition to activate and enliven cellular metabolic processes • A major upgrade to the synthetic, fractioned vitamins

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