TGOLD Immune Plus Tincture by Systemic Formulas

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A liquid tincture of GOLD Immune Plus #435. This formula is a very powerful immune support supplement that operates through a complex process of providing cellular stain markers that interact with bacterial communications (quorum sensing) as well as supporting the immune response. Contains berberine from goldenseal and allacin from garlic in an herbalomic blend.
A well functioning immune system is a necessary component of good health. Herbalomic research has found that many plant compounds can help the body support its normal immune activities involving T and B lymphocytes, phagocytes, cytokines, and natural killer cells. Herbs can serve the body’s natural immune system—both in the intestines and throughout the body. GOLD is designed to provide the body the full effectiveness of Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis) via synergistic and complimentary nutrients.

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