Tri-Mag 300 by DaVinci Labs

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Features three forms of chelated magnesium to support bone health, proper nerve function, adrenal hormonal balance and nutrient absorption.

Tri-Mag 300 is a dietary supplement providing 3 important chelated forms of magnesium for enhanced absorption. Over 325 chemical reactions in the body depend on the essential mineral, magnesium. Our cells couldn’t produce energy without it. Magnesium supports healthy blood sugar already in the normal range, promotes a healthy heart rhythm, and normal blood pressure. Magnesium builds strong teeth and bones. It even relieves occasional sleeplessness, muscle tension, and helps maintain a happy mood. Yet, magnesium deficiency is common due to a number of risk factors. 

Nearly everyone has at least one of these risk factors for low levels of magnesium: 

  • Eating processed foods, which have reduced magnesium levels 
  • Not eating enough magnesium-containing foods such as nuts, broccoli, brown rice, spinach, seeds, tofu, and whole grains 
  • Eating foods grown in magnesium-depleted soils 
  • Taking certain medications that interfere with magnesium absorption 
  • Eating sugary treats, which stop the body from absorbing enough magnesium 
  • Poor intestinal health

Not getting enough magnesium is linked to occasional sleeplessness, everyday stress, irritability, low energy, fluctuations in blood sugar metabolism and blood pressure, to name just a few of the ways low magnesium impacts health.

DaVinci Laboratories Tri-Mag 300 nourishes the body with three easily absorbed forms of magnesium: taurinate, glycinate, and malate. The comprehensive formula provides three chelated forms of these minerals. Chelates are organic compounds attached to a mineral to enhance absorption. This makes for a powerful 300 milligram magnesium supplement that quickly delivers this crucial mineral to every tissue in the body.

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