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Wild Greens is rich in minerals, both macro and trace. The minerals are far more bioavailable than what is found in most supplements due to the fact that plants convert the inorganic form of the minerals (rock dust) into an ionic form that is easily assimilated. The greens contain ample electrolyte minerals (calcium, magnesium, sodium, & potassium) to supply the body with alkalizing material to help maintain the proper pH of the blood and other body fluids. Also in significant amounts are vitamins A, C, & K; fiber, and free form amino acids. Not to be overlooked are the phytonutrients such as flavonoids that also play important roles. One of the best features of greens is their chlorophyll content. Chlorophyll is a remarkable molecule responsible for photosynthesis - the ability of a plant to convert sunlight into carbohydrates for its own use. In the human body, chlorophyll promotes tissue regeneration and oxygenation, aids in detoxification, and is antimicrobial. Supplied as part of a whole plant product as opposed to an isolated component, we feel it is far more effective. The contents are a blend of nettle, chickweed, Siberian lettuce, dandelion leaf, and couchgrass.

Noticeably absent are the cereal grasses (e.g. wheat and barley grass juice), various algaes (spirulina, chlorella, blue green algae, etc.), and legume foliage (e.g. alfalfa). Almost every other “greens” product on the market contains at least one of these, if not more. We didn’t want to include the grass juice from gluten containing grains to avoid the possibility of a reaction from gluten (gliadin) sensitive individuals. We excluded the algae because of the risk of excitotoxins and toxic metals and possibly other factors. I have been evaluating various algaes for approximately twenty years and have yet to find one that works well on the majority of patients I see. There is some doubt as to whether alfalfa is a suitable food for human consumption. Though it has a good nutritional profile, it is best suited for the digestive system of a horse, and even then it can be easily overdone. Cancer pioneer Charlotte Gerson found that alfalfa and certain other legume sprouts and grasses can encourage or aggravate auto-immune conditions which are becoming more and more common in the civilized world

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