Women's Daily Probiotic by Thorne Research

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Take control of your health with a daily probiotic designed for a woman’s unique needs. Clinically studied probiotic strains that promote everyday healthy microbial balance in the vaginal and urinary tracts – and added support when you need it most.

Women have unique needs, and most women experience vaginal and urinary issues throughout their life – either daily or occasionally. Thorne’s Women’s Daily Probiotic is formulated with two highly studied proprietary probiotic blends, in addition to two Lactobacillus species. 

 The formula is designed specifically to support the unique daily needs of women. Women’s Daily Probiotic provides advanced support for the microbiome that goes beyond gut health, with probiotic strains found specifically in a healthy urinary and vaginal tract. Women’s Daily Probiotic helps establish and maintain a balanced microbial population in the vaginal and urinary tracts to promote immune function, balance, and comfort in a woman’s delicate tissues.

 Women’s Daily Probiotic is designed to:

  • Promote a healthy microbial population in the vaginal and urinary tracts
  • Reduce unwanted bacteria growth in the urinary tract
  • Provide probiotic support for discharge and odor associated with vaginal bacterial imbalance
  • Support women who experience frequent vaginal or urinary tract discomfort
  • Provide nutritional support for women who experience frequent urinary tract infections
  • Promote a healthy vaginal pH
  • Balance unwanted yeast growth, such as Candida

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