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Simplify your skincare regimen with the very latest in cosmetic technology. yü InfiniCleanse is the perfect start to your advanced anti-aging skincare routine and lets you cleanse, tone, and prepare skin in one simple step. Its deep but gentle cleansing treatment whisks away dirt and debris, without the use of harsh chemicals that strip the skin of its natural oils. Its moisturizers keep skin soft and hydrated while supplying nourishment to strengthen skin architecture. InfiniCleanse contains a powerful blend of ingredients designed to: cleanse skin from impurities maintain pH balance and tone skin provide powerful antioxidant effects and protection against free-radicals prepare the skin to receive the anti-aging actives found in InfiniSerum and InfiniPlex provide a boost of Equol - the anti-aging molecule No need to follow with a toner: Traditional cleansers unbalance the pH levels in skin and toner sets it back to normal. InfiniCleanse doesn't upset the natural balance of pH, so it's safe for all skin types. It enhances the more youthful balance of skin levels all while removing dirt and grime.

Dosing: Wet face and décolletage. place two or three pumps of InfiCleanse foaming cleanser on fingertips and apply in a gentle scrubbing motion. For normal to dry skin: Cleanse once at night. For oily skin: Cleanse morning and night.

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