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Alaria is a superb source of nutrients, especially organic iodine and trace minerals, but other nutrients as well.  It is moderately anti-microbial, an excellent protector against subclinical (as well as acute) radiation poisoning, as well as metal and chemical toxicity.  It has some anti-cancer properties as well as being anti-inflammatory.  Anyone suffering from low Thyroid stimulating hormone, or simply low thyroid hormone should consider taking Alaria. It also should be considered when trying to restore hormonal balance in men and women. 

Alaria Supreme™ is a certified organic, wild crafted seaweed that tests free of both mercury and cadmium. Seaweed has many healthy properties, but many people aren’t able to tolerate it well due to mercury or other heavy metal and toxic chemical contamination. Each batch of our alaria is tested to make sure no contamination issues exist.

Alaria has a great nutrient profile. Two capsules will give you your RDA of organic iodine as well as smaller but significant amounts of most vitamins and minerals. It has the most significant amounts of calcium, magnesium and B-vitamins of any edible seaweed. Being a whole food ground into a powder it has all the co-factors, phyto-nutrients, etc. you would expect to find in a “superfood” without the downside of the algae, grass juices, alfalfa, etc. which are common allergens.

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