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Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is an adaptogen working on the endocrine system and the Hypo-Pituitary-Axis (HPA).  It is most well known to decrease fatigue [1], allow you to handle stress more effectively, increase strength and stamina, increase libido, improve memory and clarity [2], and produce restful sleep when needed [3]. The various conditions it has been used for include arthritis (it is anti-inflammatory) [4, 5], chronic lung condition, [6] immune deficiency [7], hypertension [8], autoimmune problems [9], hypothyroidism [10], and many others.

Contraindications: Because ashwagandha can lower blood pressure (acting as a calcium channel blocker) and blood sugar be careful in use on diabetics and people with hypotension (since it is an adaptogen, it will probably be OK though we suggest you monitor). It should not be used during pregnancy or in patients with active peptic ulcers. It is in the nightshade family so monitorif you have known nightshade sensitivities (many nightshade sensitive patients tolerate ashwagandha very well).

Our recommended dose for Ashwagandha Supreme™ is between 1-3 caps daily.

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