Core by BioPure

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Unique mix of Amino Acid, Minerals & Vitamins support core aspects of our health.  BioPure Core™ is comprised of highly bioavailable forms of 5 minerals, 2 vitamins, and an amino acid, in a unique formulation combined to support core aspects of human health, including the immune system.*

Suggested Use

  • 1 Capsule daily
  • product should be stored, tightly closed, in a cool, dark, and dry location between 60°F and 75°


  • **The accurate amount of the Molybdenum per capsule is 100mcg. There is a misprint on the label.
  • **This product contains Zinc Gluconate. This ingredient is derived from genetically modified sourced material. However, PCR testing confirms that it does not contain detectable quantities of genetically modified components.

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