Galactose by BioPure

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Health Functions Neurological Support Urinary Tract Support Normal Blood Sugar Metabolism Support Mitochondrial/Intracellular/Extracellular Matrices Function Support Immunity Support

BioPure Galactose (D+) is derived from proprietary organic 100% plant source and is refined to a very high standard for purity.

Galactose has been identified as one of 8 essential sugars needed in the diet for proper cell development and functioning of the human body.* It has shown to contribute directly to critical biological processes within the body.* It is a fundamental and structural substance for the matrix of cellular and intracellular functions.* BioPure Galactose comes in powder form; 200 grams per bottle.

Suggested Use

  • Intended for internal use. Mix one level teaspoon with 8 oz of water daily.

Servings per Container

  • 40


  • D(+) Galactose Powder. 100% gluten-free and dairy free.


  • Please Note: Do not use this product if Galactosemia is present.

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