Propolis Throat Spray by BioPure

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BioPure® Propolis Throat Spray provides fast-acting relief for throat discomfort and harnesses the immune-boosting benefits of Brazilian Green Propolis and Cistus.

Our Propolis Throat Spray is a potent source of Artepillin-C, the primary bioactive phenolic compound in Brazilian Green Propolis extract, used by bees to protect their hives from microbes. This powerful immune support is formulated for daily use or to provide a powerful immune boost when you need it most. Cistus, Calendula, and Wood Betony help address throat discomfort caused by dryness, coughing, seasonal allergens, and microbial exposure and promote balanced mucous production and lymphatic drainage.

  • Relieves a dry, scratchy, irritated throat
  • Made with Brazilian Green Propolis
  • Supports your oral microbiome and immune system with hundreds of beneficial compounds
  • Contains organic and all-natural ingredients
  • Convenient spray delivery
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