The Black Box II Liver Detox by Quicksilver Scientific

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Over time, the body can accumulate unwanted hormones, plastic-related compounds, mold, pesticides, and other environmental toxins. This 4 week, 12 product program combines the ingredients to help drive an effective, comprehensive detox.

Black Box II is a 4-week detoxification protocol designed to reduce the body’s toxic burden and enhance overall health.

Black Box II includes

  • 3 x bottles Nanoemulsified DIM
  • 2 x bottles Glutathione
  • 2 x bottles Pure PC
  • 2 x bottles Dr. Shade’s Bitter X
  • 2 x bottles Ultra Binder powder
  • 1x bottles Methyl B Complex

Liposomal Glutathione – Provides a highly-bioavailable form of glutathione, the body’s master detoxifier, and the most potent endogenous antioxidant. Glutathione supports all three phases of detoxification, helping the body eliminate an array of toxins. It is also a cofactor for antioxidant enzymes and regenerates oxidized vitamins C and E.

Liposomal Methyl-B Complex – Provides the spectrum of B vitamins, critical cofactors in energy-generating, and detoxification pathways. The addition of milk thistle and TMG provides liver protection.

Micellized Pure PC – Toxins damage lipid membranes, compromising cellular health. Micellized Pure PC delivers highly bioavailable phosphatidylcholine in tiny droplets that are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, rapidly restoring healthy cell membranes.

BitterX – Features a quartet of bitter herbs that stimulate bile flow, orchestrating detoxification via the liver, gallbladder, and gastrointestinal tract.

Nanoemulsified DIM – Increases levels of glutathione and enzymes involved in Phase II liver detoxification. It also alleviates unproductive inflammation triggered by environmental toxins.

Ultra Binder – A universal, broad-spectrum binder that captures toxins while supporting gut health and alleviating inflammation.

Refrigerate Glutathione Upon Receipt

Do Not Refrigerate Nanoemulsified DIM

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