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Karen Mullins, DOM

Reversing Digestive Symptoms..... Naturally

Hello! I am Karen Mullins, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Functional Medicine (IFM) certified and Warrior for natural healing.

A diagnosis of Ulcerative Colitis at the age of 15 led me on a life-long study of digestive health. Like so many others, my own struggle fueled my mission to help those suffering from digestive disorders.

I began DigestiveWarrior in an effort to provide an inspirational haven, offering the most up-to-date, cutting edge information available on how to heal your gut. This evolved into a platform in which all of the most exclusive, 'practitioner only' prescribed brands for digestive conditions such as IBS, Leaky gut, SIBO, Candida, Crohn's and Colitis could be offered. I simply couldn't bear the thought of so many folks out there still suffering, without access to the most researched and trustworthy supplements on the market.......especially knowing that their transformation is just within reach.

DigestiveWarrior has grown beyond my wildest dreams. 60,000+ bottles of MegaSpore later (wow!) we now offer not only the best supplements on the market for digestive health- but detoxification, inflammation, immune dysfunction, Lyme, mold toxicity, mitochondrial damage, brain and memory repair, neurotransmitter imbalances and nutrient deficiencies. It's all connected, you know.

DW is the only place online where you have complete access to purchasing from all of the practitioner only brands in one place, at the lowest prices we can legally sell, with free and same day shipping- always. I truly know first hand how important this is.

Here you can explore the most trending and effective natural strategies in addressing ROOT CAUSE of disease that currently exist.

In conjunction with offering the best products on the market, I also bring you personal interviews with some of the most leading and influential figures of our time in the natural health arena. Stay tuned, as each month I bring on new doctors, scientists and health guru's, all wildly committed to exposing you to the most break-through information possible, all in the name of healing.

If you want to truly get to the source of your condition and stop simply masking the symptoms.....you've found the right place.

Changing the world one microbiome at a time,
Karen Mullins DOM

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"Karen makes an exceptional practitioner who cares deeply about her patient's well-being; approaching body and health in a holistic way. She believes in healing rather than curing which helped me take a long term view in addressing my chronic Ulcerative Colitis. Despite me being remote she has been available more than a local physician to me, checking on me on a regular basis. I found her treatment plan is supported by her depth of reading, research and most importantly tremendous passion especially knowing she has personal healing experience to back it."
β€” Mahesh Naphade
"I had no idea what the REAL cause of my Crohn's diagnosis was. It terrifies me to think I could have gone on forever not knowing. My life has took a new direction. Every day I am improving. Karen has a lot to offer in both Eastern and Western schools of thought. For me personally, this was important, as I really appreciate both. I now understand my condition in both directions. Wish I would have 'gotten' it years ago, but here I am. So grateful for the information that's been so hidden."
β€” Daniel Sutherland
"Karen is an exceptional practitioner and compassionate human being. She provided direction and support during my 12 year old son’s battle with, and healing from, C. difficile. We met Karen when we were frightened and lost; her guidance calmed us and put my son back on the path to health. Her commitment to provide the highest quality of care, with empathy, will never be forgotten. She is truly outstanding"
β€” Jessica S.