Foundation Kit by Researched Nutritionals

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Energy – Immune – Cytokine Function – Detox Robust health is built upon a foundation of vigorous cellular energy production, a highly functioning immune system, healthy cytokine response, and strong detoxification.  The Researched Nutritionals® Foundation Kit™ provides patients with four clinically researched supplements to support these key areas of health.

Your Foundation Kit™ will include…

  • ATP 360®
    • Next generation mitochondrial support
    • Provides key nutrients for mitochondrial health, and energy production*
  • Transfer Factor Multi-Immune™
    • Complete immune support*
    • Supports NK cell function and healthy immune modulation*
  • Tri-Fortify® liposomal glutathione
    • Clinically proven absorption
    • Supports both phase 1 and phase 2 detox*
    • Powerful antioxidant*
  • CytoQuel®
    • Supports healthy cytokine function*
    • Supports cardiovascular health*

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