Transfer Factor Enviro™ by Researched Nutritionals

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Promotes a Healthy Immune Response to Environmental Challenges* Transfer Factor Enviro™ provides the physician with a targeted formula developed to promote a healthy response to environmental challenges. Promotes a healthy immune response Activates white blood cells know as macrophages and neutrophils Provides one of the immune system's first line of defense against foreign invaders Removes cellular debris & speeds up recovery of damaged tissue Promotes metal chelation to prevent buildup of minerals which may weaken immune system 

What is transfer factor?

First discovered by immunologist H. Sherwood Lawrence in 1949, transfer factors are immune messenger molecules comprised of amino acids. In mammals, these molecules are naturally produced by the body. Research suggests that these peptides are produced in colostrum and can be passed on to babies through the pre-milk. These molecules are not species-specific and therefore can be extracted from bovine (cow) colostrum and utilized in supplement form. They provide immune “knowledge” to the immune system by latching on to bad cells and acting as a marker, allowing the immune system to more effectively identify these potentially harmful cells as a threat.* Additionally, they have the unique ability to modulate the immune system, promoting Th1 and TH2 balance.*

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